Letter of Recommendation サンプル15種類をご紹介


アドミッションエッセイ(Admission essay)を作成時にテンプレート (Template)を使用する場合、書きたい内容の適切な表現を見つけるための時間とエネルギーの負担を減らすことが出来ます。英語が母国語でないESLレベルであっても、アカデミックアドミッション(Academic admission essay)に頻繁に使用される表現(Useful expression)を知っていれば大きな助けになります。

ワードバイスで厳選した15種類の推薦状(Letter of recommendation) サンプルテンプレートを通して、より賢い推薦状を作成してみて下さい。

Introducing yourself

① My name is {Author} and I have been a Professor of Math at {University} since {date}.
② I write to you today to proudly express my support for {Student} in applying to your prestigious university.

Discussing your relationship with the applicant

③ I first came to know {Student} while teaching him/her in my {Course Name} course…
④ I was {Student}’s thesis advisor during his/her senior year.
⑤ I have known {Student} for several years now and can attest to his/her strengths and quality of character.

Discussing the student’s general positive traits

⑥ {Student} has excellent communication skills and displays them regularly in class discussions.
⑦ He/She is a highly intelligent and competent student who excels in many areas.
⑧ Not only is {Student} hard-working and thoughtful, but he/she also demonstrates kindness and generosity towards his/her peers.

Discussing evidence of student’s character and skills

⑨ She/he has shown herself/himself to be a true leader who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them in his/her work.
⑩ {Student} demonstrated his/her independence daily, completing difficult lab exercises by researching outside of class.
⑪ During his/her internship, {Student} consistently managed his/her work responsibilities diligently and learned quickly. For example…

Discussing the school/program the student is applying to

⑫ As {University} is renowned for its {Program}, I believe this is an ideal place for {Student} to solidify his/her abilities and cement his/her knowledge of {area of study}.
⑬ The learning environment that {University} is famous for creating excellent opportunities in which {Student} to apply his/her skills.

Final endorsement and offer to be contacted

⑭ For the above reasons, I am confident that {Student} will make an excellent addition to your graduate program, and I wholeheartedly support him/her for admission to your program.
⑮ Thank you for your time and attention in reading my endorsement.